Bare Wood Furniture (Barewood Furniture)

There’s nothing quite like bare wood furniture.  Stately, refined, and with a feel of solidity, bare wood furniture (alternatively “unfinished” or “unpainted” furniture) makes a fabulous addition to any home décor plan, serving equally well as accents, or as the focal point to a room.

There are three main reasons for considering bare wood furniture the next time you’re in the market for an addition to your home, and there’s a fair amount of overlap among them.  They are:

Price – A piece of unfinished furniture is often up to 50% cheaper than its finished cousin, so if you’re willing to put a bit of work into it yourself, you can save a ton of money, and “work” is a subjective term here, as finishing out your piece of furniture is a fun and interesting project in its own right!

Bare Wood Furniture - Make Up Table

Bare Wood Furniture - Make Up Table

Versatility – When you buy a finished piece, you bring it home and set it up.  What they have in the store is what you get, but with bare wood furniture, you’re not limited by what the chain stores carry, or what is, or isn’t in stock, color wise.  The sky’s the limit!  Choose from a multitude of shades to stain it in just the right color to create the perfect “look” for your room.  Paint it, stencil it, create hand painted borders or scrollwork…you can finish out your piece of unpainted furniture in any way you can imagine!

Heirloom – Since you’re putting the finishing touches on your piece of unfinished furniture, you’re also imprinting it with the stamp of your creativity, and when properly cared for, your piece can last for generations, creating something with a bit of familial history to pass on to your children.  Unlike so much of the store bought stuff, which is simply seen as “hand me down” furniture once it gets a few years on it, a piece of bare wood furniture only gets better with age!

We should also say something about overall quality here.  The overwhelming majority of unpainted furniture is solid wood.  Go into any chain (finished) furniture store and start poking around.  You’ll be flat out amazed at how much cheap particle board you find, and it goes without saying that solid wood beats particle board, hands down, and nothing beats bare wood furniture in overall quality.

Finally, there’s a bit about concealment.  Oftentimes, finished furniture hides a multitude of “sins.”  Imperfections or flaws that the manufacturer would just as soon you didn’t see.  That’s not the case with bare wood furniture.  The flaws and imperfections are front and center, with no place to hide, and in truth, these imperfections will often be the very things that add character to your piece as you decide how you want to finish it.

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Bare Wood Furniture - Serving Bar

Bare Wood Furniture - Serving Bar

Finishing Bare Wood Furniture

There are three directions you can take when it comes to finishing bare wood furniture, and they are:

Leave the wood bare – This involves treating the piece of bare wood furniture with some kind of preserving oil (linseed oil, for example), and leaving it with a natural look.

Paint it – There are lots of options here, where your bare wood furniture is concerned.  See the article on Unpainted Furniture for additional detail.

Stain it – The most common finish for a piece of bare wood furniture, you can get full details in the article on Staining Wood Furniture.

If you’ve come here in search of information bare wood furniture in general, or what to buy, where to buy, how to stain, paint, or care for your creation, or if you’re just here to learn a bit more about bare wood furniture, I think you’ll find the pages on this site of interest!

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