If you needed a reason why you should look at bare wood furniture, the answer is the fact that it doesn’t hold any surprises. Unfinished furniture tends to be made from solid wood although there are some that are made from laminate and similar materials. As the wood is totally bare you can see exactly what you are buying. If it is described as oak you can see either the distinctive reddish color of the more common variety of oak or the slightly green tinged version of white oak.

When you buy finished pieces you may be mistaken in what you are actually purchasing. The paint or veneer finish can cover a multitude of sins. The most common mistake made is when people buy something they believe to be solid wood but later find out that it isn’t. Or they could think they have purchased genuine cherry wood only to find out it is a man made substance and not pure wood at all.

Buying bare wood furniture isn’t for everyone. You do need the time and patience to finish each piece off. Depending on the quality of the original piece this could involve a lot of work or it could just mean a simple sanding job followed by a stain finish.

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If your budget will stretch you can hand your unfinished furniture to a craftsman to finish off for you. This is more expensive than doing it yourself but you should achieve a better finish unless you are accomplished in woodwork.

Some people find working with wood to be very therapeutic and enjoy getting their hands dirty. They use the opportunity of working on bare wood furniture as a way to reduce their stress levels following a hard day at the office. Whatever the reason you can produce fantastic furnishings for your home so why not take a look today.

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