If you like wood furnishings you should find out all you can about staining wood furniture. Then you can buy bare wood furniture from unfinished stores and turn the piece into an exceptional part of your home. When you first get into using stains you should practice on throwaway pieces of wood. Then it won’t matter if your first attempts are blotchy or uneven in color.

Staining wood furniture is a skill that almost anyone can learn. It takes a little work and a lot of patience. You cannot stain the wood until it has been sanded down and is fully smooth. You also have to make sure you are working with a dust free surface or you won’t get the finish you want.

Some types of wood are more difficult to stain than others. These include pine, birch, maple and cherry so you might want to avoid these ones if you are starting out. The trick to a great finish is to partially seal the wood before you apply the stain. This will prevent the problem of some parts of the furniture being more absorbent than others.

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Try applying several coats of stain to get the desired result rather than opting for one coat of a darker stain. Just like paint can look totally different on a wall then it did in a tin, so too can stains. It is easier to build up the color than it is to repair a piece that is too dark. Don’t forget that a coat of varnish will improve the look of most stains.

This is why you should test the process on some spare pieces as you can test the final results to see if they are what you want in the furniture pieces. Staining wood furniture isn’t an exact science as you are dealing with a natural material but you can make the job much easier if you follow certain steps.

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