We all know that buying furnishings for your home is expensive but perhaps it isn’t that bad when you see the prices for patio sets. The secret to beautiful garden fixtures and fittings is to buy unfinished wood patio furniture. In this day and age, everyone is time poor so for most people the thoughts of buying unfinished wood products doesn’t even cross their mind.

But it can be a great way to secure a bargain and it doesn’t take long to turn the bare wood into a beautiful piece. You certainly do not need any special carpentry skills although patience is a must!

When buying bare wood furniture for outdoor use, you need to buy solid wood. MDF or any other manufactured materials are going to disintegrate and while they may appear cheap will prove more expensive in the long term. Teak is often used for patio furniture, hardly surprising as it was originally used in building ships as it can tolerate water! Teak is usually a golden brown color but if it isn’t what you fancy, any solid wood is fine so long as you follow the proper steps.

So what materials do you need? As the furniture is going to be outdoors, you need to make sure it is protected against adverse weather conditions. Some people think that by staining wood you are protecting it but this is not the case. You are simply coloring it. You need to use a waterproof varnish or preservative.

If you want to color the wood, you can use a colored preservative. They come in a range of colors and are applied in the same way to the unfinished wood patio furniture. Just be sure that you apply at least three coats and pay particular attention to the end grain of the wood as this is often where water damage occurs.

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Author: Chris Hartpence
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Waxing unpainted wood furniture is a very popular way of finishing the piece. If you are going to wax your recent purchase, you need to first seal the wood so that it doesn’t remain porous. If you fail to do this, the wood will soak up stains and dust which will adversely affect its look over time. When you see ring marks from glasses or cups on a piece of furniture it means the owner didn’t seal it properly and they can be a nightmare to remove.

You can seal the bare wood with either a sanding sealer or some diluted varnish. You would use 80% varnish with 20% white spirit to get the correct consistency.

Most sanding sealers come in neutral colors so you do not need to worry about them tinting the wood. They will accentuate the grain but that is probably a good thing! Don’t make your life more difficult by using a cheap paint brush to apply the sealant as you will spend lots to time picking the bristles out of the coat you have just applied. Buy a brush with densely packed bristles and always flex it before using to weed out any loose strays.

It is little tricks like these that will make your life easier and result in a better finish. Once the unit has fully dried apply the wax finish. Furniture wax is usually made from beeswax and carnauba wax dissolved in turpentine. It gives wood a lovely sheen and is particularly suited to hardwoods such as oak. You should apply two or three coats of wax. You can use clear wax to achieve a shine or tinted wax if you want shine with a hint of color.

Always force the wax deep into the pores of the wood and allow it to harden before you polish off. I found using a cotton sock to polish the unpainted wood furniture gave me the best shine and it also kept my hands clean.

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Author: Chris Hartpence
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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Buying bare wood furniture can save you a lot of money. Here are five tips to help you achieve the best result from painting unfinished wood furniture:

1) If there are any dents, scratches or other holes in the wood you will need to repair these with filler. If you there are any knots in the wood even on those sections not visible to the eye, you should seal these with a shellac based sealer. Don’t be tempted to skip this part as a knot can “run” ruining the finish you tried hard to achieve.

2) You should sand down any unit you purchase in order to get the best finish. You should not need power sanders unless the piece is very badly damaged. If this is the case, you may want to get an experienced craftsman to repair it for you.

If the surface looks fine, you can sand it using a range of abrasive papers. You start with the roughest and finish with the smoothest. Curve the paper over a putty knife to get into all the tight corners, otherwise your paint will clog here.

3) Once the sanding has been completed, vacuum the unit thoroughly to get rid of all the dust and apply a sealer to protect the wood. This is required regardless of what paint you wish to use as otherwise the wood remains porous and will absorb the paint resulting in a patchy finish.

4) You should paint the edges first, working your way into the center of the piece. Cover the entire surface and only then brush lengthways using a light overlapping paint stroke. It is always best to apply too little paint than too much.

5) Allow each coat of paint adequate time to dry before applying the next coat.

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Author: Chris Hartpence
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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