Unfinished Oak Furniture

Advantages of Unfinished Oak Furniture

Unfinished oak furniture is another of the most popular types of bare wood furniture on the market, and it has a number of advantages over other types of wood, making it a good candidate for inclusion in your home décor plans.

The major advantage unfinished oak furniture enjoys is that it’s one of the more abundant hardwoods.  While not as abundant as pine, it’s still somewhat cheaper than other, more exotic hardwoods (you can get a piece of unfinished oak furniture for less than you’d pay for mahogany or cherry), so it offers a good blend of price and durability.

Speaking of durability, this is another advantage unfinished oak furniture enjoys.  Oak is a sturdy wood, and well suited to high traffic environments.  Where pine would be a relatively poor choice for a desk or dining table, unfinished oak furniture is excellent, as it can easily take the day to day use and be little worse for the wear.

Oak furniture is also relatively low maintenance.  It doesn’t require a lot of time and attention from you, a big plus for families on the go.

Oak furniture looks good in any setting, takes stain well, and its grain shows through nicely, no matter what color you select.  It should be noted here that hardwoods in general have a more attractive/pronounced grain than their softwood cousins, so overall attractiveness can be counted as yet another advantage that unfinished oak furniture can lay claim to.  See Staining Wood Furniture and Unpainted Furniture for details on finishing options.

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Disadvantages of Unfinished Oak Furniture

Despite its many advantages, oak furniture does have one glaring disadvantage, especially if you’re tight on money or a budget conscious shopper.  Price.

While not extravagantly expensive, like some of the more exotic woods, unfinished oak furniture does carry a certain premium to it (being denser and harder to work with than, say pine, it is also more expensive).

I would say that if you are buying a dining table or desk, spending the extra money to get unfinished oak furniture, would be a good investment, but if you’re watching your wallet, there are cheaper alternatives out there, especially if the piece you’re interested in buying will find itself in a relatively low use/low traffic environment (an accept table or book case).  Purists, who are going for a natural wood look may desire to have unfinished oak furniture throughout a room for symmetry, but for most folks, cheaper alternatives for those low intensity use pieces makes a lot of sense and saves a fair bit of money besides.

It all depends on what you’re looking for.  Unfinished oak furniture has a lot of charm, and is both nostalgic and functional, not to mention that it looks stunning when properly stained.  If you have the extra money, it might well be the type of wood for you!