Unfinished Pine Furniture

Advantages of Unfinished Pine Furniture

Having decided upon a bare wood furniture purchase, many people look to unfinished pine furniture, and with good reason. Unfinished pine furniture offers many advantages, along with some disadvantages that you should be aware of before making your final selection.

The chief advantage unfinished pine furniture enjoys over other types of bare wood furniture is cost. Because there’s an abundance of pine, unfinished furniture of this type tends to be lower priced than its cousins. As we have discussed in the article on bare wood furniture, unfinished furniture is already cheaper than the finished variety, making unfinished pine furniture one of the very best deals out there.

Aside from cost, because pine is a soft wood, it is also easy for craftsmen to work with, and unfinished pine furniture can be relatively easily made. This in turn, allows for greater production, which relates back to price.

Another advantage you’ll find is that it tends to stand up better in humid environments. This may not be a big consideration for you depending on where you live, but is certainly something to factor in when making your decision.

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Finally, unfinished pine furniture takes stain well, and looks good if left in its natural state, giving you a nice neutral-colored piece which will blend in well in most any decorating scheme.  See Staining Wood Furniture and Unpainted Furniture for additional details about these types of finishing projects.

Disadvantages of Unfinished Pine Furniture

Pine is a soft wood, and while this makes it easy for craftsmen to work with, it also means that a piece fashioned from this wood, while certainly sturdy, is somewhat more susceptible to damage (nicks, gouges, and scratches that come with age and normal wear and tear). These will appear more readily, and be more visible on your unfinished pine furniture than they would be on furniture made with other types of wood. There are a number of people out there who would tout this as an advantage of sorts, and actually prefer furniture with a slightly weathered look.

Compared to other woods, pine is not nearly as durable. This doesn’t mean that you’re getting a cheaply made piece of furniture, but pine is better suited to relatively low traffic/limited use types of furniture than those that will see constant and heavy use (I would not a pine desk or dining table, but have a pair of pine book cases in my home that are standing up beautifully).

With proper care, unfinished pine furniture can last just as long as furniture made from other types of wood, but one must take its unique characteristics into account before making a final decision as to what type of unfinished wood furniture to purchase. Still, in most cases, unfinished pine furniture is an excellent all around choice.