We all know that buying furnishings for your home is expensive but perhaps it isn’t that bad when you see the prices for patio sets. The secret to beautiful garden fixtures and fittings is to buy unfinished wood patio furniture. In this day and age, everyone is time poor so for most people the thoughts of buying unfinished wood products doesn’t even cross their mind.

But it can be a great way to secure a bargain and it doesn’t take long to turn the bare wood into a beautiful piece. You certainly do not need any special carpentry skills although patience is a must!

When buying bare wood furniture for outdoor use, you need to buy solid wood. MDF or any other manufactured materials are going to disintegrate and while they may appear cheap will prove more expensive in the long term. Teak is often used for patio furniture, hardly surprising as it was originally used in building ships as it can tolerate water! Teak is usually a golden brown color but if it isn’t what you fancy, any solid wood is fine so long as you follow the proper steps.

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So what materials do you need? As the furniture is going to be outdoors, you need to make sure it is protected against adverse weather conditions. Some people think that by staining wood you are protecting it but this is not the case. You are simply coloring it. You need to use a waterproof varnish or preservative.

If you want to color the wood, you can use a colored preservative. They come in a range of colors and are applied in the same way to the unfinished wood patio furniture. Just be sure that you apply at least three coats and pay particular attention to the end grain of the wood as this is often where water damage occurs.

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