You can find unfinished wood furniture stores in most outlet villages or alternatively you could shop online. The problem with buying furniture online is the fact that you can’t see the actual pieces. Also you need to be careful as some of these online retailers operate a non return basis so if you don’t like the piece when it arrives you cannot get a refund.

When shopping for furnishings I prefer to shop at an old fashioned store where I can see exactly what I am getting for my money. When buying wood, it is not just the type of wood you want to look at but also the individual pieces. All wood pieces have inherent flaws. That is to be expected given it is a natural product but sometimes these flaws such as knots are very noticeable. This can make it difficult for you to achieve the perfect finish and can cause cracking so are best avoided if at all possible.

When buying a wood like oak, you should try to buy quarter sawn oak and not plain. The first will last longer as plain sawn is susceptible to humidity and may crack.

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When you choose your unfinished wood furniture, do bear in mind that certain styles will suit particular finishes. For example, it is very unusual to find French polished shaker style furniture but one would expect that on an oak French provincial reproduction piece. It is of course up to you how you finish the piece, after all that is why you are buying your furnishings from unfinished wood furniture stores. But often by applying the wrong finish, we can end up with a piece that just doesn’t look right.

The staff in the bare wood store should be able to help you with any questions you may have.

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