If you want to buy bare wood furniture to furnish your home follow these simple steps for the best results:

1) Always buy from a reputable supplier. You can find fantastic bargains but you want the pieces you buy to last and this only happens when they have been manufactured properly.

2) Buy the best quality wood you can afford. The beauty of natural wood means that the pieces will look amazing when finished. You could even sell them if or when you grow tired of your furnishings and fancy a change.

3) Always look at each piece of bare wood furniture you purchase so that you can leave those with knots or splits behind in the shop. You can repair most problems that occur in wood but why make life more difficult. There are plenty of suppliers of this style of furnishings.

4) If you are new to DIY always seek advice before you start staining the wood as different types of wood require different techniques. Don’t just assume you can paint it straight away.

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5) When sanding the unfinished wood never use a sanding machine unless you are used to using these types of tools. You can do a lot of damage to the furniture in a very short space of time.

6) It makes sense to use products such as wood conditioners and stains from the same manufacturer as they should complement one another. Always read the directions of use as the process will vary depending on the type of stain, sealant or conditioner being used.

7) If you are going to stain or varnish the furniture always let the last coat dry properly before you apply the next one. This will give you a more professional finish as well as allowing you more control over the eventual color you select for your bare wood furniture.

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